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Military Support

Tribe TC fully supports and greatly appreciates all of the active duty, retired and veterans of all of our armed forces. Without their sacrifice, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the freedoms and way of life as we know it today.

Both club directors, Jeff Underwood and Mitch Theil, have strong ties to the military. Jeff's grandfather and two nephews served in the military and currently his son-in-law is an active duty service member. Mitch's father served in the military and Mitch also served in the military as well.

Jeff and Mitch strongly believe in helping veterans when and where they can and this is where Mission 22 comes in. We, at Tribe TC, ask that you please make a donation of any amount to Mission 22 to help our veterans in need. They are our country's forgotten heroes and they have always been there for us and now it's time for us to be there for them.

Mission 22 is a national non-profit organization that supports active service members, veterans and their family members through three areas of focus: 

  • Support and Treatment Programs - for active service members, veterans and their family members, addressing Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Suicide Risk and other challenges.
  • Social Impact - uniting civilians and the military community to raise awareness of issues active service members, veterans and their family members face.
  • Memorials - remembering and honoring service members and veterans through large scale installations and digital initiatives, while raising awareness for issues faced on home soil.


Please use the link below to visit Mission 22's website and make a donation. Tribe TC will match any and all donations (to a certain amount) that have been made to Mission 22. Just contact us with your donation receipt/confirmation and we will honor it with a matching donation of our own and we'll add you to the Tribe TC Wall of Heroes below.


Mission 22 Link

Click on the picture to go to the Mission 22 website

*Tribe TC is not affiliated with Mission 22 nor do we receive anything from them, we just believe in the wonderful work that they are doing.*

Tribe TC Wall of Heroes

Name Date Donation Amount Tribute/Notes
Jeff Underwood 10/5/2021 $100 Gilson Dos Santos, SIL
Mitch Theil 10/5/2021 $100 Helmut Theil, Father
Ken & Maria Brooks 11/11/2021 $50 Multiple Family Members
Greg & Amy Laws 11/11/2021 $50 Craig Hollins, Father
Greg & Amy Laws 11/11/2021 $50 Bill Fisher, Grandfather
Christy Jackson 11/13/2021 $25 MJ Snyder, Grandfather